Модельный ряд Benetti


For pioneers.

For pleasure seekers and romantics.

For lovers of tradition which knows how to move with the times.

For those who desire the very best when it comes to cruising in comfort,

with a layout which optimises every inch of on-board space.


B.Yond is made for skilled seamen,

who are prepared for long-distance journeys:,

ready to go above expectations,,

beyond generations,


For those who want to live on the sea with no limits, no barriers.

For those who seize life, embracing every moment,

without having to settle for compromise.

For those who are ready to open their minds

to a place beyond the horizon.


For those who want only the best and who want it now.

For those who love large dimensions,

but don’t want to sacrifice the important little details.

For those who want to dare,

but without risking everything.


For those who dare to dream.

For those who give free rein to their imagination.

For those who truly appreciate the quality

and extraordinary detail that go into a bespoke suit.

For those who want the best of everything,

and aren’t afraid to ask for the impossible.